Title I Network


The Title I Network is a collaborative effort with the Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) that will provide increased technical assistance and professional development for districts and schools with Title I programs. With financial support from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), each CESA will provide free or reduced cost Title I services for all school districts in their CESA. Title I Network services will include a base level of services to Title I districts and schools in the following five areas:

  • Title I Application. Consultation with Title I coordinators regarding Title I law, programming, reporting requirements, and monitoring.
  • Title I Coordinator Leadership. Information and resources for Title I coordinators through one-on-one technical assistance, at least two regional meetings, and a Title I coordinator orientation.
  • Support for Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs). Technical assistance and professional development opportunities to Title I districts and schools identified as missing an AMO in one or more areas under the new Wisconsin Accountability System (reading and mathematics achievement, attendance rate, and high school graduation rate).
  • Support for Priority and Focus Schools. Technical assistance and professional development events for Title I schools identified as "priority" or "focus" as defined under the new Wisconsin Accountability System or those needs identified by a regional needs assessment.
  • Resources and Collaboration. Information and resources regarding local and statewide initiatives and agencies that can provide Title I related support.

Program Elements

Critical program elements are:

  • Regional survey to determine how to best meet each district’s Title I needs
  • Title I Coordinator technical assistance and support
  • Title I Coordinator orientation
  • Title I Coordinator meetings
  • A series of professional development offerings
  • Continued updates and information on resources, initiatives, and agencies that could enhance Title I programming

Economic Support

Title I Network services are being provided as a collaborative effort between DPI and each of the 12 CESAs. The CESAs will be providing their base level of Title I Network services as a free or reduced cost service for all school districts in the CESA.

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