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ESEA Consolidated Application

Federal Funds Sequestration

Title I, Part A Carryover

Title I Comparability Reporting

Title I Guidelines

Utilizing Title I Paraprofessionals in a Targeted Assistance Program


Deadlines for the ESEA Title I Program

ESEA Consolidated Application  
General Information ESEA Consolidated End-Of-Year Report
ESEA Consolidated Application

Title I Schoolwide Assurances and Narrative

(PI-9551)(due May 1)
Paper documents (assurances, debarment, private school affirmation)  
Title I, Part A Carryover
Districts that do not obligate 15 percent or less of their Title I, Part A funds for a given fiscal year may carryover the unobligated funds and obligate them during the succeeding fiscal year. Districts may request a waiver to exceed the 15 percent carryover limitation once every three years. Districts receiving a Title I, Part A allocation that is less than $50,000 per year may carryover unobligated funds without limitation.
DPI will contact districts that need to complete carryover waiver form DPI-0013.
Title I Comparability Reporting
Districts receiving Title I, Part A funds are required by federal legislation to conduct an annual review of their local and state expenditures to ensure Title I and non-Title I schools receive a distribution of those funds on an equivalent basis, and to maintain documentation of the results and the action taken, if necessary, to remedy findings of non-comparability. Districts with fewer than 100 students enrolled in each of their schools, and those having only one school per grade span are exempt from this requirement. Comparability calculations and supporting evidence for the school year should be maintained in district records for future monitoring and/or audits.  The link to the Title I Comparability Report is under “Data Reports” in the ESEA Online Application Main Menu. This link will activate when the reporting period opens up in August. The reports are due to the DPI Title I Team by November 1.
Title I Guidelines

The Title I Guidelines are intended to be one source of technical assistance to district administrators, Title I coordinators, classroom educators, and parents. They are written and updated by DPI Title I consultants and a subcommittee of the Title I Committee of Practitioners.


Inventory Management

LEAs must maintain and implement an inventory management system consistent with EDGAR and OMB circular A-87 (outlined on page 5 of DPI’s Financial Management Handbook). Capital and Non-Capital equipment purchased with Title I funds for Title I private school equitable participation is the property of the LEA and should only be used for Title I services and inventoried by the LEA.


Time and Effort Reporting

Any employee funded with federal grants must document the time they spend working on the grant’s objectives to demonstrate that the amount budgeted and claimed is accurate. This document provides basic information regarding time and effort report requirements.


Private School Equitable Participation

Section 1120 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) requires that expenditures for educational services and other benefits to eligible private school children shall be equal to the proportion of funds allocated to participating school attendance areas based on the number of children from low-income families who attend private schools, which the LEA may determine each year or every two years.

This worksheet assists LEAs in calculating the private school share.


Federal website for Title I legislation, regulations, and guidance.


Parental involvement provisions of ESEA.


PowerPoint Presentations

ESEA Policy Bulletins

Utilizing Title I Paraprofessionals in a Targeted Assistance Program

Deadlines for the ESEA Title I Program, for current fiscal year
May 1 Title I Schoolwide program deadline

June 1

2013-14 ESEA Consolidated Application available on the web

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Preliminary Title I, Part A estimated allocations are available

(more information regarding allocations)

August 31 2013-14 ESEA Consolidated Application due to DPI
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2012-13 Consolidated End-of-Year Report due to DPI

(more information on Consolidated End-of-Year Reporting)

September 30 Last date for submission of the final claim for 2012-13

(more information on Claiming Funds)

Approx. November

Final ESEA carryover provided within the application

Approx. November 2013-14 Comparability Report due to DPI


For questions about this information, contact Title I and School Support Team (608) 267-3721