Title I Committee of Practitioners


The Title I Committee of Practitioners (COP) is substantially involved in reviewing and commenting on proposed or final state rules, regulations, and policies relating to Title I. The committee meets at least twice during the regular school year, with additional subcommittee meetings being held as needed.

Two co-chairpersons create the agendas based on Committee members' suggestions and DPI needs. Meetings stimulate thinking about new directions, practices, and policies regarding Wisconsin’s participation in Title I and promote discussions relative to issues and perspectives held by Committee members or the group each represents.

In addition, Committee members are provided with an update on national education-reform activities, changes in Title I legislation and regulations, and other pertinent state and federal information.

Presently the 30-member Committee of Practitioners includes local educational agency (school district) representatives; school administrators; teachers, including vocational educators; parents; local boards of education representatives; private school representatives; charter schools representatives; and pupil services personnel.

Title I Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged Part A Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Education Agencies Federal Laws 20USC§1903 (b); 20USC§1111 (c)(11)

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