Support for Title I Schools Failing to Meet Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)


Prior to approval of its ESEA consolidated application, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will require any district with Title I schools failing to meet their AMOs for all students or student subgroups to align Title I funds to AMOs that the district has missed. Until satisfactorily meeting this expectation, DPI consultants will not approve district applications.


As schools strive to maintain and/or reach their annual measurable objectives (AMOs), they will need to access resources to address their specific needs.  


Resources Currently available to School Districts and Schools:


Schoolwide Title I Network:

The Title I Network is a collaborative effort with the Cooperative Educational Service Agencies (CESAs) that will provide increased technical assistance and professional development for districts and schools with Title I programs. With financial support from DPI, each CESA will provide free or reduced cost Title I services for all school districts in their CESA. Title I Network services will include a base level of services to Title I districts and schools in five areas: Title I application, Title I Coordinator Leadership, Support for AMOs, Support for Priority and Focus Schools, and Resources and Collaboration. Please visit the Title I Network web page or contact your respective CESA for support.

CESA 1 Kim Jenkins
CESA 2 Trisha Spende
CESA 3 Lisa Arneson
CESA 4 Sherri Torkelson
CESA 5 Heidi Walter
CESA 6 Mary Ann Hudziak
CESA 7 Yvonne Harness
CESA 8 Judy Menard
CESA 9 Lynn Verage
CESA 10 Paula Harms
CESA 11 Melissa Moe
CESA 12 Maija Alexandrou


Title I Spotlight Schools:

The Spotlight Schools initiative is a competitive grant program for Wisconsin Schools of Recognition. Spotlight Schools are selected based on the school’s documented success in two spotlighted areas including Teaching and Learning and one of the following: Vision, Leadership and Governance, Decision Making and Accountability, Professional Development and Teacher Quality, and Family, School, and Community Partnerships.

This program was developed to provide information to schools around the state about effective practices in improving student learning and achievement, and allow school teams to arrange visits to Spotlight Schools (both new and continuing) to observe these practices and implement these ideas in their own schools.

Check out this map that designates Title I Spotlight Schools (2011-12 and 2012-13) to see schools that you might be interested in visiting.

For more information on Title I Spotlight Schools, please visit their home page.


Common Core Statewide Standards Implementation (CCSSI):

Wisconsin adopted the Common Core State Standards as Wisconsin’s mathematics and English language arts standards in 2010. The CCSSI team creates and organizes the educator resources to ensure world class, innovative, digitally rich, standards-based teaching and learning. For support, please contact a CCSSI team member.


Bilingual and English Language Learners (ELLs):

DPI has Bilingual and ELL program support to assist school districts serving students who are English language learners to become proficient in academic English and prepared for their continuing education and career readiness goals. For more information, please visit their home page.


Special Education:

The Special Education team supports school districts and schools as they work to improve the outcomes of children with disabilities. For more information, please visit their home page.


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